Digital Marketing Practices and Trends

Digital RevioBy Digital RevioApril 1, 20196 Minutes

The digital marketing industry is worth more than $62 billion in the U.S. and marketers are constantly looking into the future, trying to predict the next big movement or trend. Digital marketing has exploded in a large way over the past five years, as it’s getting harder and harder to reach your end user. Companies are competing by bidding on keywords to optimize SEO and creating campaigns that will catch your attention in six seconds or less. In this blog we’ll take a look at the 6 most important digital marketing strategies, and how they could work for your small business.

Optimize for Mobile web:
This was once considered something that would be “nice to have,” and it is now a valuable investment that is an absolute necessity. Some of the hardest consumers to reach are the Millennials. All generations, but especially the younger ones, are becoming increasingly tethered to their mobile devices. We’ve become a digital generation and our mobile devices are an integral part of our daily routines. Be sure not to lose those key consumers by not having a website that is functional and looks great on mobile devices. Most times, if a website is not optimized for mobile a younger consumer will immediately notice those pain points and take their business elsewhere.

Visual Marketing on Social Media:
With every post you make on social media you have the opportunity to organically reach your potential consumers. Organic reach will not happen unless you post engaging content that people like, share and endorse. A similar algorithm is used by most forms of social media, and these platforms will only put your post in front of more people by getting people to like your posts first. It may seem like a popularity contest, but if you pair eye catching photos from iStock, Shutterstock or Twenty20 you will increase the chance of engagement on your page and give you the opportunity to grow organically.

Agile SEO:
Being agile with your SEO is not that different than traditional SEO except you’re quicker, more efficient and effective with it. As in any agile environment the agile SEO method or process should be repeated again and again. SEO is not an exact science and is almost constantly changing. Therefore it’s important to have a flexible SEO strategy that takes into consideration the constant evolution of SEO. The Key fundamentals are Discover a purpose, Analyze the site, Strategize a plan, Execute said strategy, Measure impact, Report that and Adjust accordingly.

Content is king:
Quality content is an absolute must in digital marketing efforts. If your company provides its potential clients with really good content you’re more likely to build trust, develop your brand and ensure that your company is an industry leader. An additional bonus to creating rich content is the boost in search engine ranking and the perception the public has of you.

Automated Email marketing:
Business email marketing, if done manually, can be extremely time-consuming. Enter automated email platforms such as Marketo, Hubspot, and Act-on. These genius devices have given the small businesses and especially large businesses an all-in-one toolkit to help reach every lead that comes to you. You have multiple touch points further ensuring that you make the conversion and turn that lead into your best customer.

Original Video Content:
Redbull, GoPro, and Chipotle are just a few of the big name brands that have racked up video views this year. These original content videos that are posted on YouTube and social sites engage and delight viewers by focusing on telling good stories. Consumer’s responses to these videos are in the ballpark of millions of views in a week. These videos are a great way to reach potential consumers on a digital platform and give you the ability for your content to become viral.